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Insights you won't find anywhere else, brought directly to you.

10am - 2pm AEDT
12pm - 4pm NZDT



Cybersecurity strategy successes shared live with you online, for free

CISO Online, A/NZ 2020 will welcome an inspiring speaker line-up with a comprehensive agenda covering the biggest strategic concerns for leaders in the information security space, for just 1.5 hours per day.

Discover how CISOs and senior cybersecurity leaders are migrating from a technical to a strategic role and enabling business agility and growth by strengthening their frontiers.

Join our industry experts and explore:

  • How you can safeguard your data on the cloud
  • What are the emerging cybersecurity technologies?
  • How to audit your organisation to identify weakness and vulnerabilities?
  • How to respond to incidents and minimise financial and reputational losses
  • What are the risks and benefits of using process automation in cybersecurity?
  • How to prevent human errors in cyberattacks
  • How to build a cybersecurity compliance framework
  • How to strengthen your information security risk management
  • Creating security awareness and a safeguarding culture within the entire organisation
  • How companies respond to COVID from a cybersecurity perspective – current challenges and lessons learned
  • What are the post-pandemic trends for business and how to prepare for future threats?

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Data integrity and protection

As the need for remote workforces to access information anytime, anywhere and from any platform increases, so does the enterprises’ requirements for improved data security, integrity and protection strategies. During Day One, we will explore how CISOs are implementing dynamic, efficient and secure data access systems in their organisations.

13:00-13:30 (AEST)

15:00 -15:30 (NZST)

PANEL: Best strategies to secure your data in the cloud 

As the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated each day, we will explore how cybersecurity leaders are using cloud architecture and infrastructure for improved information control and visibility.

Panel Moderator:

VSI Kostas - speaker - agenda

Kostas Kyrifidis, President, Victorian Security Institute



John Kouroutzoglou, Information Security & Compliance Manager, Domain


George Gerchow, CSO, Sumo Logic


Simphiwe Makhoba, Cloud Architect Lead, Exxaro (South Africa)

13:30-13:55 (AEST)


The role of security in today’s new world



Leigh Doddy, Zero Trust Advocate, Okta

13:55-14:15 (AEST)

15:55-16:15 (NZST)

Building an effective cyber governance, risk and compliance framework

  • Defining your company’s control and security policies
  • Breaking through the complexity and designing your standards structure
  • Identifying best practices for meeting standards and regulatory requirements



Jo Stewart-Rattray, Director of Information Security & IT, Silver Chain Group
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Cybersecurity incident management

Most companies don’t know how vulnerable they are until a data breach, leak or attack occurs. Day Two is focused on creating an incident management strategy by auditing your existing practices and identifying how secure your business is and how to respond to events with minimal impacts.

13:00-13:30 (AEST)

15:00-15:30 (NZST)

Panel: How prepared is your enterprise to respond to threat trends?

  • An overview of the threat landscape for 2021
  • Are your existing defences capable of adapting to and preventing risks from these trends?
  • How can your team continuously assess business evolution and the threats they might represent?
  • What are the top emerging information security technologies?
  • How can these solutions help strengthen your organisation’s cyber resilience?

 Panel Moderator:


Tony Vizza, Director of the Board, AISA and Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for the Asia-Pacific, (ISC)2



CISO Online ANZ Speakers - Chris logo-1

Christoph Strizik, CISO, Origin Energy


David Chantler, Head of Information Security and Technology Risk, Queensland Treasury Corporation

Shane Moffitt,
Assistant CISO, Victoria State Government


Dalton Cole, Sales Director ANZ, Cofense


13:30-13:55 (AEST)

15:30-15:55 (NZST)

An Overdue Shift to People-Centric Security - How to get more information from threat-intel data

More than 99% of attacks in cybersecurity require some form of human interaction to succeed As your organisation increasingly outsource its data centres and enable remote working, your people are your new perimeter. But do you know when or how your executives are being targeted? Do you know who the most cyber attacked people in your organisation are? Are your very attacked people (VAPs) the same your very important people (VIPs)? And do you know how your VAPs overlap with behavioural vulnerabilities and access privileges?

Today’s targeted cyber-attacks exploit human errors rather than system flaws. You need to protect your companies greatest assets– its people, and the data that they have access to. You must have visibility into the risky behaviours that indicate that your people may fall for a modern, socially-engineered attack. The only way to successfully combat today’s advanced attacks is to focus on protecting your people. This session will explain why the shift to people-centric security is relevant, urgent, and long overdue. We will introduce the new people-based threat intelligence required to prioritise, implement, and evolve your people-centric cybersecurity strategy.



Adrian Covich, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, Proofpoint APAC

13:55-14:15 (AEST)

15:55-16:15 (NZST)

Creating a successful incident response plan

  • Defining the processes to respond to incidents quickly, effectively and with minimal consequences
  • Developing a scenario exercise to predict risks and anticipate how prepared you are for an attack
  • What are the best strategies to minimise financial and reputational losses?

CISO Online ANZ Speakers - Siva logo

Siva Sivasubramanian, CISO, Optus

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Cybersecurity Incident Management

How effective are your company’s practices and processes in mitigating and controlling risks? What role does automation play in strengthening your cybersecurity operations? Day Three is focused on how to continuously review, streamline and improve your processes, and how automation can be employed to reduce your company’s exposure to cyberattacks.

13:00-13:25 (AEST)

15:00-15:25 (NZST)

Busting six myths of privileged access management – Let’s separate fact from fiction

  • Why a typical IT environment is a hacker’s playground
  • How 6 widely held beliefs about PAM are in fact wrong
  • What the truth behind each myth, and how to bust it in your organisation for good
  • Where the current threat landscape is heading and how to prepare
  • Technology Demonstration – key use cases for a robust Password Management and Privileged Session Management


Beyond trust speaker - agenda

Simon Hickson, Regional Director – ANZ, BeyondTrust

Beyondtrust - speaker - agenda

Scott Hesford, Senior Security Consultant, BeyondTrust

13:25–13:45 (AEST)

15:25-15:45 (NZST)

Streamlining and improving processes to reinforce your cyber resilience

  • Creating efficient risk assessment, monitoring and response processes
  • Refining the enterprise’s cyber hygiene to identify hidden and complex exploit processes
  • Improving cyber risk management performance through effective governance



David Chantler, Head of Information Security and Technology Risk, Queensland Treasury Corporation

13:45–14:10 (AEST)

15:45-16:10 (NZST)

Threat management strategy – understanding the trends and creating a plan

  • Assessing the company’s capabilities to respond to emerging cyber and information security threats
  • How to set up an effective threat response strategy
    What possible risks these trends offer to the organisation
  • How can a good threat response plan enable ongoing business growth?



Sadeed Tirmizey, Director of Cyber Security, Queensland Health






Creating a culture to safeguard the company is every CISO's challenge. During the outbreak of COVID-19, organisations were forced to undertake survival digital transitions - a journey that usually takes 1-2 years - within days! Day Four will explore how CISOs are focusing on creating enterprise-wide risk awareness whilst ensuring excellence in their cybersecurity strategies.

13:00-13:30 (AEST)

15:00-15:30 (NZST)

How to create a culture to safeguard the enterprise

  • What are the biggest challenges when creating risk awareness and building a cybersecurity driven culture?
  • How are companies successfully overcoming these challenges?
  • What are the predictions for businesses with the increase of WFH and what challenges these trends would represent to cybersecurity?


CISO Online ANZ Speakers - Chris logo-1

Christoph Strizik,CISO, Origin Energy

Beverley Roche, CISO, Sigma Healthcare

Adele Jones, Lead Architect: Information Security and Blockchain, Nedbank (South Africa)

13:30–13:55 (AEST)

15:30-15:55 (NZST)

Levers of Human Deception: The Science and Methodology Behind Social Engineering

  • The Perception Vs. Reality Dilemma
  • Understanding the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Loop
  • How social engineers and scam artists achieve their goals by subverting OODA Loop's different components
  • How our own end users can help us defend our organisations



Jaqueline Jayne, Security Awareness Advocate APAC, KnowBe4 

13:55–14:15 (AEST)

15:55-16:15 (NZST)

CISO in the spotlight – migrating from a technical to a strategic role

  • How successful CISOs are redefining the concept of risk within the company
  • Strategies to report risk assessment metrics to the board and get senior-level support to safeguard the business
  • How to work in partnership with cross-department leaders to ensure all business’ decisions are made in accordance with the company’s desired levels of risk.


Elrich Engel, CISO, AMP

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Cybersecurity strategy successes shared live with you online, for free

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations is difficult, isn't it?

Your time is limited, valuable resources are scarce and it can just feel overwhelming, right?

We understand, and that's why we are launching CISO Online, A/NZ.

Taking place for just 1.5 hours per day for 4 days, CISO Online, A/NZ brings content you cannot find anywhere else, directly to your home, commute or office, on desktop, mobile or tablet, delivered by the region's leading experts in cybersecurity.

Sharing their successes, failures and lessons learned in a bitesize and interactive format, this is your chance to get up-to-speed with the latest and greatest cybersecurity technologies and innovations.

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From Tuesday, 1st September - Friday, 4th September, we will broadcast three 30-minute webinar sessions directly to your desk. Across the week, you will benefit from insightful sessions, delivered by outstanding cybersecurity leaders, covering the most pertinent strategic issues. This allows you to fit the agenda around your busy schedule. 

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Are you looking to demonstrate thought leadership to the cybersecurity community, raise awareness of your solution, educate the marketplace, identify & engage qualified leads, achieve measurable results with real ROI, and tell your story to stand out in a crowded market?

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Our live, online event will attract genuine cybersecurity leaders and you could address them, sharing a case study to demonstrate the value of partnering with you. We have a strictly limited number of opportunities for sponsors to achieve their goals by participating in the event, so enquire today to avoid missing out.

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Across 4 days, we broadcast 1.5 hour webinar sessions directly to your desk. Throughout the week you will benefit from our insightful sessions, delivered by outstanding cybersecurity specialists, covering your most pertinent challenges.



CISO Online, A/NZ uses the latest browser based technology meaning you won't need to download any software to join the event. Simply ensure you have a wifi connection and a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer.






All sessions will only be accessible LIVE, during the event hours.


Testimonials for the Quality of Corinium Content

Standard bank
"I really enjoyed the opportunity to network and meet with the fellow practitioners in the Information and Cybersecurity industry"
Head, Cyber Security Audit, Standard Bank
"I am new to heading up security at my company so this is quite vital to learn and adopt what others have done and improved."
IS Operations Manager, Credit Guarantee Insurance
Dec 2017 - MTO group - Large
"As a CIO, I left with a greater understanding of the challenges of CISOs and increased knowledge on a number of topics."
CIO, MTO Group

"A fantastic opportunity to hear from some great minds who've been delivering real value around data and analytics in their organisations.”
Karen Warbrooke, Data Governance Manager, QUT
“A fantastic experience from start to finish. Quality speakers and hot topics giving fresh insights into how industry leaders tackle the biggest issues in Data and Analytics.”
Maz Dunic, Head of Data Science, McMillan Shakespeare Group
“Walked away with new insights & ideas and new connections to peers”
Michelle Kempster, Head of Data Governance, Tabcorp

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